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Tour Facts

Experience the forest from the tree tops!

Ziplining involves gliding along a suspended steel cable, using a pulley and climbing harness as well as gloves.

We provide safe and exciting excursions on our Zipline course which is a thrill you will never forget. Experiencing the thrill of our Zipline Tour is really almost beyond words and sometimes your blood will be curdled, but with an indescribable sense of delight when you have dared to zip the lines. It´s like an action movie in which you will be the hero and when your pulse is back to normal, be sure to have a look around and enjoy the magnificant views from our platforms, e.g. to the old castle named Kasselburg.

Our tour area is nestled in the beautiful Eifel Hills, Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) and covers 10.000 qm of land in an area with vulcanic origin. View the characteristic mixed forest as you swing from treetop to treetop.
So see what thrills awaits you:

  • 12 breathtaking ziplines incl. 2 mega zips above the Berlingen Creek Valley
  • spectacular panoramic views
  • fly over tree tops
  • soar up to 50 meters off the ground
  • cross 2 exciting suspension bridges
  • base-jump from 15 meters high
  • amping up the adrenaline
  • and a lot more!
Additionally, we offer a variety of cakes, ice cream, candy as well as hot and cold beverages (nonalcoholic and alcoholic). Or book one of our BBQ events, excellent Adventure-Minigolf or teambuilding packages including the chance to spend the night in the tree tops - dreams in trees!

We look forward to sharing the adventure with you!
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