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What is Adventure-Minigolf

A completly new experience!

This is not your typical miniature golf course.

Adventure-Minigolf is the perfect combination of nature, sport and adventure. The golf course is beautifully integrated into Nature. In most cases our challenging obstacles are from natural materials like trunks, stones, roots and hills. If you like you can go barefoot and experience different surfaces such as grass, pebble stones, bark mulch and wood chips.

There are several streams, natural tunnels and much more on our Adventure-Minigolf course. All obstacles are integrated into the natural surroundings. The combination of exciting paths and a lot of fun will make it a truly unique experience.

Adventure-Minigolf is a great game for children, youth, adults, couples, families and even those looking to brush up on their short game.

Or just relax in our hammock!
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