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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?  

What are the tour times?  

How long are the zipline tours?  

How do you stop on the zipline?  

Are there age restrictions?  

What are the weight restrictions?  

Do I need to sign a waiver?   

What is the cost?  

Do I need to make a reservation?  

What is your cancellation policy?  

How can I do my reservation/booking?  

Are tours cancelled when raining?  

Do you have a trainer zipline?  

Can I try it out before committing?  

Will I supervised while participating?  


Can I bring my camera?  

Can I go if I am pregnant?  

What should I wear?  

Are there requirements for long hair?  


Are you certified?  

What is the highest point?  

How far will I zip?  

Is there much walking?  

Is it possible even to watch Ziplining?  


What are the health, safety
and physical requirements?  

How were the interests of nature

conservation into consideration?  


Visually impaired guests
and guests with disabilities?

Are there policies or terms
and conditions I should know?  
EifelAdventures | Mühlenstr. 7 | 54570 Berlingen | F: +49 (0) 6591 8199014
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