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Waiver form – EifelAdventures Baumzelte
Owner Elmar Saxler  I  Mühlenstr. 7  I  54570 Berlingen

Every participant must carefully read these waiver form as well as the terms and conditions of EifelAdventures before entering the tree tents. The waiver form outlines the risk involved with tree camping and walking in our park. By signing this form, the participant acknowledges they fully comprehend all park rules and conditions of use. Participants under 18 must have a parent or guardian´s signature. EifelAdventures reserves the right to take pictures – photos or films – to use for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes.
Health, Safety and Physical Requirements
Tree camping is open to participants 5 years of age or older, who do not suffer from a mental or physical impairment that could endanger the health and/or safety of themselves or other visitiors. Participants under 18 can only stay overnight with a full age chaperone. People under the influence of drugs, alcohol, medicines or other intoxicants may not use the tree tents. Every participant must take part in the briefing before entering the tree tents. All participants confirm by the check-in that they are mental and physical healthy. We advise comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and comfortable, close toed shoes. No high heels or flip flops. All directions and decisions of the person(s) in charge are mandatory. During the whole stay in our tree tents and the forest: No smoking! Vandalism especially of trees is punishable. Participants have to use the declared paths. It is not allowed to take sharp items e. g. knife or copping into the tree tent. The guide reserves the right to remove participants form the park who do not abide by these rules. The management also reserves the right to cease all park operations for safety-related reasons (e.g. fire, storm). All participants have to leave the tree tents and the forest in case of a thunderstorm. In all these cases there is no refund of entry fees. If the participant wishes to end the visit prematurely there will also be no refund of the entry fee.

A participant´s rented equipment (ourdoor sleeping bag, camping mat, blanket and pillow) is not to be used by others and must be returned after the stay. The participant is committed to report all arising damages at our equipment or the tree tent.

Liability & Responsibility
Participants agree to use the tree tents and walking ways as well as the whole park at their own risk. EifelAdventures adheres to legal regulations in regards to personal damages/injury. For pecuniary detriment EifelAdventures will only be liable in the case of intentional malice or gross negligence under the direction of the entrusted management. EifelAdventures assumes no responsibility/liability for participants injured due to breach of instructions or safety rules. For the dirtying, damage or lost of any clothing articels or personal items EifelAdventures assumes no responsibility/liability.

For print out you will find this waiver in our download section.
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